Features of PikaOS

The latest Firefox and thunderbird packages will be pulled from the official mozilla PPA

Every single package that was turned into a snap, has been reverted into a deb, and flatpak is installed by default

On the Gnome ISO: The app PikaOS Gnome Layouts will provide 6 experiences to other DEs and OSes

Fresh Up to date graphics drivers for intel and AMD by a valve employee

Firmware files will be pulled from https://repo.radeon.com/ to provide the best experience for AMD users

Drivers That Expand the functionality of Xbox One and above controllers can be install with a single click

We Do not wait around for ubuntu to do it we do it ourselves

We Do not wait around for ubuntu to do it we do it ourselves and we have a standalone gamescope session in sessions cog wheel

We do not wait around for Ubuntu to do it, yywe do it ourselves

We have a GUI app to safely install these driver components safely Note: they will not interfere with normal open source driver they are only loaded when uses the cmd prefixes vk_pro, vk_amdvlk, cl_pro

Our OBS Studio will have the gstreamer vaapi enconder which is far superior to the default ffmpeg one

ROCm stack (including HIP) installable through the welcome app.